Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tunnel Beach

Lauren left for doubtful sound to day, so I went over to tunnel beach on the suggestion of a flatmate. Tunnel Beach is about ten minuets from the house, and it is awesome.

A short walk through mud and sheep poo takes you down along the sea cliffs,

and out to the wildest point I have ever seen.

You can see where the place gets it's name. This is the biggest of the tunnels, but there are many more along the walls and small beach.

Looking back towards town.

Sculptured sea cliff walls.

The rock were weathered into some impossible shapes. Looked impossible to climb, but I can dream

To get to this beach you go down through a man-made tunnel, to dark for clear pictures

Inside one of the many tunnels on the beach


  1. Wow!! How beautiful..... Thanks for posting these Nick.

  2. You really captured the beauty of the place!