Monday, June 8, 2009

105 Cliffs Rd.

The neighborhood we live in, St. Clair, is really really cool. It is a quiet and scenic little stretch of the coast. The houses start on the top of the hill and cover the hillside down to the ocean. This makes for beautiful views from almost every living room on Cliffs Rd. We are at the top of the hill so we have a great view of both the surf at St. Clair beach, and the peninsula.

These views are from our balcony. It the background is downtown Dunedin, and the harbor.

The walk down to the beach thru the neighborhood is nice but steep

The mailboxes on Cliffs Rd. are very cool. They are colourful, and are often in the same style as the house. The architecture in the neighborhood is a mix of traditional cottages mixed with new modernist homes. There are a lot of bright colors, and individual touches like totem poles, or unique fences, but it all fits together well.

Many of the houses in St. Clair have small terraced flower beds. They are filled with flowers and some cool succulents that I've never seen.

Roses grow really well here. There are a lot of beautiful Rose gardens.

At the bottom of the hill you hit the ocean. Lots of people surfing, despite the frigged water.

This is the esplanade, there are some good restaurants, and benches to watch the action in the water.

At the end of the esplanade is the Saltwater pool & cafe. although the pool is closed for the winter, the cafe is open and makes good cheap sandwiches.

Behind the cafe is a walking path to Second beach. This beach is a small little cove with lots of kelp. Walking down to 2nd beach is great way to get a little exercise, especially the walk back up.

I will post more pictures of the beach later. These don't really show how cool the spot really is.

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