Saturday, June 20, 2009

Purakani Beach

My roommate Jake took me down to a place called Purakanui Beach (not the place we stayed in the Catlins). The really cool series of coves on the other side of the peninsula is a great place to walk, boulder, and apparently dive for paua (NZ's version of abalone). While Jake and his friend snorkled in the coldest water possible, I walked around taking pictures and bouldering.

Jake and his friend heading out.

A little seaside bouldering

Paua hunting around the rocks. The water was so cold that they only lasted about 30min, with very thick wetsuits.

The beach is surrounded with bands of sandstone conglomerite. I tried to climb up, but holds were breaking every other move. So I was content to just traverse and show off Bludstone's excellent climbing rubber.

This tree was really cool. The winds have erroded the ground beneth it, exposing the roots.

A kiwi tire swing

Leaving the beach as the sunset.

On the way out we got Jake's van totally stuck in some mud.

We tried to dig it out for an hour and eventually had to send Jake up the road to a house (no cell service) to call a tow.

Well after dark a friend in a beast truck came and pulled us out. Good fun with dirty adventures!


  1. Totally fun to read/watch your adventuring. Keep it up!

  2. Beautiful pictures... Love your blog!