Friday, June 12, 2009

The Catlins

Lauren and I just spent 2 days driving thru the Catlins. This is a region south of Dunedin that is a mixture of native forest, striking coastline, and rolling farmland (quite similar to the rest of the South Island). We were graced with perfect weather, it felt more like spring than the harsh winter I was expecting. Below is nugget point; A really beautiful spot with is cool little lighthouse.

Lauren lovin' the lighthouse.

We stopped on the road to make lunch. This is typical of much of the farmland here, green and beautiful.

We camped the first night at Curio Bay. It's claim to fame is the petrified forest. The fossilized trees date back to the Jurassic period, and are amazingly well preserved.

160 million year old tree stump

Curio bay at low tide

In the evenings yellow-eyed penguins come ashore to sleep. We could not get close to them, but I threw this shot in because they were really cool.

The next day we went to a couple really nice waterfalls.

I had no idea how much Lauren loves waterfalls.

I can't think of a more stereotypical farmscape than this

Lake Wilkie was a really pleasant find. We stopped there on a whim and were happy we did.

Yet another amazing beach with the potential for great surf.

Shell hunting: catching sand flys.

More waterfalls

We spent the last night at Purakaunui Bay. Possibly the most beautiful beach I have seen so far. the campsites had a little more sheep poo than i like in my campsites, but the view made up for the dirty shoes.

there was a small group of male sea lions on the beach in front of our campsite. They did not seem to care if we took pictures and it was very cool to get close to these animals. The big boys are really intimidating though, and you think it's a good idea to get near for a good shot till you do; and then realize they are f@%*'n giants!

I don't have any pictures that show scale, but this guy is enormous.

Two juveniles playing.

Big boy tired of all the ruckus.

Heading home.


  1. oh what great pics of The Catlins -- we might put a link from our community website cheers

  2. sounds great, thanks for the encouragement