Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Wild North

Kahurangi National Park is one of the largest stretches of wilderness in New Zealand. It occupies the majority of the northwestern corner of the South Island. After a long drive, we ended up at the DOC campsite at the end of the Heaphy Track. This was one of Lauren's favorite places we have been to so far and with good reason, it is incredibly beautiful. Local businesses have proposed a road through the park to connect the west coast with Nelson (a big city on the other side of the park). Let's pray that never happens as the integrity of this wilderness would be irreparably damaged.

The trail head of the Heaphy track, and the start of an amazing day hike

The North end of the South Island is much warmer than Dunedin, and the native rainforest make you feel like you are hanging in the tropics.

I love the bridges, they are just ridiculously fun.

Looking down on our campsite from the trail.

This is one of the native trees that I have really come to love. They stand taller that the others and are so unique and different from anything at home.

We ended our day hike at Scott's Beach, and found this random structure. Not sure what it is, but interesting none the less.

Lauren loves Scott's Beach.

Good climbing here. I scampered up the big rock and Lauren tackled it's lesser, but equally entertaining neighbor.

Lauren on the big rock

Cool patten in a cut tree. The native timber here is very unique, and the craftsmen make incredible art from the local resources.

Relaxing at one of the best campsites I've inhabited

Tiki Totem

As the sun sets it gets quite cold, and the camp fire is a necessity

Sunset on the West coast

yeah . . .

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  1. Oh wow! I can see why Lauren loves it there!
    Great pictures, thanks for posting them. :)