Wednesday, July 15, 2009


After the Moeraki boulders we drove into Arthur's Pass. This weakness in the Southern Alps mountain range is home to several ski slopes and a world class climbing area called castle hill. Driving thru at night was incredible. The moon made the snow-covered hills shine.

This was a cold, but beautiful campsite

Lauren, graceful as ever.

This is one of the many amazing boulder fields of Castle Hill, unfortunately covered in about 6 inches of snow.

More frozen climbing treasures

Some of the smaller peaks in the range.

Fully stocked for a road-trip

I am loving the cold, and the mountains in general.

As the day warms, these low hanging clouds circle the base of the hills. Absolutely incredible.

When we got to the western side of the mountains we turned around. The western side is as green as the smokies. You would never know it was winter if it wasn't bitter cold.

Lauren displays her usual keen fashion sense.

Heading up the west coast

Not a chicken, but just as silly. Our first encounter with flightless birds

The world famous Pancake Rocks. at the gift shop you can get a cup of coffee and a stack of berry flapjacks.

the rain forest that lines the coast

Snowflake loves road trips


  1. I am glad you guys survived the earthquake to tell this tale. The land and people are beautiful!

  2. What an amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing incredible adventure! I love seeing how much fun you and Lauren are having!! Please keep the pics coming!!

  3. What an amazing adventure!! Looks like so much fun. :) Thanks for sharing your pics, they are beautiful!