Saturday, May 23, 2009

Monsoon season

view from kitchen, flatmates & rugby, Lauren at breakfast
Some pictures from the past rainy days at the house.

it's Sunday, and the 5th consecutive day of rain. i am going a little stir crazy. i got G-texed up yesterday and went for a walk along the coast. it was beautiful but wet, and as the footing along the sea cliffs is not great when it rains for days on end i cut my walk a little short. for the most part we have been hanging inside, drawing, drinking spaights, watching rugby-league (GO WARRIORS!!!!) and reading tramping guides.
last night we had a pint and a game of pool with the flatmates, then went to Australian Andy's house for a little party. i met some of Lauren's coworkers, and some other cool folks, despite it being a biology party. fun, but inside living is getting old. we planned to go south to the Catlins area this weekend, but the weather was just terrible. hopefully we will be able to get up to the silver peaks Tuesday for some nice tramping.

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  1. Sorry 'bout the weather. I am guessing your knitting is getting really good. Too bad Isla can't ship over for a bit. She would give you a workout, racing around your living room, tearing things up.