Sunday, May 17, 2009

First day

i left columbia at 7:30am on Friday, and arrived in Dunedin at 9:10am on sunday the 17th. everything went really well until i got to Auckland with 2 hours to make my Dunedin connection. after i navigated customs and bio security i had about 20 min to catch my flight. i waited in security for 15 before the guard informed me i was in the wrong terminal which led to a mad 1/2 mile (no joke) run to the domestic terminal, this made for a sweaty nick, and i feel for the TSA guards who were there when i took of by shoes for X-ray.

after four flights and over 35 hours of continuous travel, lauren met me at the airport and we headed for the house. The place is just amazing (i will post pictures later). I got a shower and we went to lunch down by the beach. We spent the rest of the day driving around just sightseeing and trying to keep me awake to avoid jet lag. this was not hard, Dunedin is beautiful!

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