Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Some Random Shots

With my trip coming to an end, I have been looking back on the time I have spent here (and the blog). Here are some little odds and ends from the past three months.

Can't have an NZ blog with out sheep.

endearing little things, but dumb as posts

Pasture land on the peninsula.

A photogenic old pier on St. Clair Beach

MILES AWAY. This little fishing hut on the approach to the Humpridge Track is my idea of heaven.

This was the cleanest our boots got on the track. There was so much mud that after the first day our gaiters were brown.

A hole in the woods

Sandfly Bay. I hope I can get some more pictures before I leave, cuz this place rocks. It is 20 min. from our house and beautiful.

This is The Saltwater Pool Cafe. It sits at the base of the hill we live on. I walk down in the mornings for a flat white, and it is a good place to watch and enjoy the waves.

Seaweed at Curio Bay

Snow on the penninsula

Sunset at Sandfly Bay.

Although the picture is not the best, watching him running was very cool

more farmland

The newest Camelbak spokeswoman

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